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Recruitment Practices and Safety

Help us put a stop to employment scams.

At Aquila, protecting our customers from cyber threats is our forte.  But not all cyber attacks are technical in nature.  Social attacks can be as damaging or worse.

We value our reputation, and want to hear if someone is using our reputation for illegal activity.

If you have encountered a suspicious activity relating to seeking employment,  please fill out the form below so our team can investigate.

Be sure to provide as much information as possible. Supplying your name and contact information is optional, but including it will enable us to follow up with your concern directly.

As part of our candidate selection process, Aquila will:

  • NEVER send money or checks to cash or purchase equipment
  • NEVER ask for Personal Identifiable Information during a job interview
  • NEVER ask for Credit Card or Banking information
  • NEVER use free email services
  • ALWAYS meet our candidates face to face in person, or over video teleconference before extending an offer
  • ALWAYS and only use our website for candidates to apply for a position
  • ALWAYS extend offers in writing
  • ALWAYS use or email addresses for all email communication

Aquila currently does NOT use outside recruiting firms.

If you believe you have been a victim of an employment scam, please report employment scams directly to the FBI at

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