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Our Capabilities

Aquila clients engage in projects that are central to preserving and protecting our country’s culture and values.

We specialize in providing IT support for projects involving technology design, implementation, and ongoing sustainment and support. These include air and missile defense, homeland protection, cybersecurity, information systems, communication, space control, and a range of strategic and tactical disciplines.

We earn our clients’ trust by forging close, collaborative partnerships that give us a deep understanding of their distinct challenges. The result is that we are able to clearly define IT requirements, and integrate our team to meet and exceed those requirements.

Systems Engineering, Administration & IT Support

The Aquila team’s commitment and expertise extends well beyond technical expertise, instead supporting the diverse needs of the U.S. government’s technology infrastructure. Our professional, advanced systems engineering and systems administration support team accomplishes three primary tasks: keeping complex DoD, partner and other systems actively running at peak performance; finding and fixing issues; and anticipating future challenges.

  • IT enterprise infrastructure engineering + design, lifecycle management and services
  • Budgetary, procurement support and deployment services
  • Business continuance assessment, design and management
  • Datacenter consolidation/physical to virtual (PtoV) engineering and operational services
  • Desktop engineering, software lifecycle management, endpoint management

Network Engineering

Staying connected in a fragmented world is critical to maintain order and process. The Aquila team plans, designs and implements complex, secure computer networks and related technical specifications.

  • Network engineering + operational support and monitoring
  • Mission critical traffic prioritization and dynamic policy development, implementation and support
  • Software-defined network engineering and support
  • Enclave, physical isolation, high assurance/COMSEC/CRYPTO management
  • Private and public cloud planning, deployment and lifecycle management
  • Network border protection/intrusion detection systems engineering and management

Information Assurance

Aquila identifies and analyzes risk management issues, and builds systems using the right architecture to provide system safety, stability and security. Aquila provides threat analysis that encompasses forensic investigation, system compliance, documentation and accreditation, and alerts teams to any deviance from established information protocols.

  • Policy support, e.g. DFARS, Risk Management Framework (RMF)
  • IS certification, accreditation process management (DIACAP, RMF, C&A, A&A, etc.)
  • Monitoring with integrated first responder incident response
  • Technical (e.g. STIGS) and non-technical (e.g. policy) controls
  • Evaluation of policy and gap analysis
  • Policy development, implementation and verification/validation
  • Policy controls/compliance, assessment and ongoing compliance monitoring
  • System audit, review and continuous monitoring automation
  • Leverage existing or new IT systems for continuous application and verification
  • Automated continuous monitoring systems and management


Cybersecurity threats are among the top concerns for national security. We recognize that the risks associated with large-scale events could impact the country, its economy and the lives of Americans. It’s also the small details that can cause disruption if not identified and managed properly. Our team embraces these challenges through a sense of duty to protect, advance, serve and solve the cybersecurity needs of the U.S. government and its partners.

  • Software and systems analysis
  • Incident response
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Vulnerability management
  • Penetration testing
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Forensic analysis

Software Design + Development

Our engineers and developers are masterful — from the initial interpretation of requirements to final testing and acceptance. We are practitioners of Agile and Scrum methodologies and through intensive quality management measures we deliver reliable and responsive software design solutions.

  • Base to applications-level programming and test integration
  • Application of project management methodologies including Agile and Scrum
  • Application development and optimization
  • Code reuse and tool integration
  • Requirement assessment, development and management
  • Web application development/redevelopment, including responsive design and web technology modernization
  • Code analysis and vulnerability assessment services
  • Quality assurance and process management
  • Software packaging and release management

Test + Evaluation

Systems and technologies must be operable under all conditions – it’s a critical part of owning the advantage. Aquila’s test and evaluation services ensure that technical solutions are fully functional, match to specs, align with requirements, and withstand any necessary stress-testing. Aquila testing and evaluation services can be implemented anywhere throughout the design, build and management stages of system design.

  • Development of testing and evaluation programs
  • Operational testing and evaluation
  • Testing exercises
  • Data collection and post-testing analysis
  • Documentation
  • Certification testing
  • Reporting

Core Technologies

Server and Storage Hardware: EMC EqualLogic, TrueNAS, Nutanix, VSAN Storage hardware, NetApp NAS, Dell, Super Micro, IBM, HP, and Cisco Blade/Server

Networking: Arista, Cisco, Dell Power Connect, ExtremeNetworks, General Dynamics TACLANEs, L3 Tallon and Juniper

Operating Systems: VMware v Shphere/Enterprise Products, Microsoft Windows (Server/Desktop), Linux (Redhat, Ubuntu, SUSUE), and Apple Mac/iOS

Security: Layer 7, Security Blanket, NISPOM & STIG configuration and auditing, McAfee, Splunk and ELK, XML gateway, and Sophos UTM

Software: Apache HTTPd, Apache Tomcat, CentOS, DataDirect Networks, DELL EqualLogic, Fedora, Ubuntu, RHEL, CENTOS, Debian, SUSE, Java, Lustre, Microsoft SQLMicrosoft WSUS, SCCM, MySQL, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle 11g, Ozone Widget Framework, PKI, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Xyratex, ROCKSNetApp NAS, Netscout, QNAP, VMware Horizon VDI, and RedHat Satellite Server

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